Costa Concordia project – Italy

The latest project has been carried out on the Costa Concordia disaster site.

Matec water treatment machinery has been used for the initial operation leading to the removal of the wreckage (1st PHASE).

Then, Matec service has been required again to clean the seabed (2nd PHASE) after the removal of the wreckage. We have supplied a complete system, washing and water treatment.
Treatment of the sediments from the suction underwater system, between 100 and 150 m3/h.
The concentration of sediments in the water is between 5 and 15%
Seabed sediments have a size from few microns (pelite) to 75/80 mm (cement grout);
On the seabed, there are also debris (glass, iron, plastic) of few mm/cm which are collected by the hydro-aspirator to enter the treatment plant (dredging)

The products exiting the treatment plant are:
Sea water whose solid content is not over 80 milligrams/liter and it is discharged into the sea.
Solid Waste (rough+fines) which is removed with big bags or movable containers


  • Inclined Vibrating Screen
  • SCREENTEC VS-150-402
  • Sand recovery group with hydrocyclone model SANDTEC SH-025-180
  • AISI 304 Stainless steel vertical decanter silo (40.000 liters)
Costa concordia matec
Costa concordia matec