Hochel project – Poland

WASHING CUBE PROJECT The first mobile project, installed in Poland, in the aggregates sector For the Washing Cube project we installed a complete washing system, with vibrating screens, log washers and hydrocyclone. MACHINES SCRUBTEC 2 log washers SCREENTEC 2 vibrating screen SANDTEC model SH 150-500 Feed waste water 500 m3/h Sand 120 tph n.1 Dewatering […]

Costa Concordia project – Italy

Costa Concordia project – Italy The latest project has been carried out on the Costa Concordia disaster site. Matec water treatment machinery has been used for the initial operation leading to the removal of the wreckage (1st PHASE). Then, Matec service has been required again to clean the seabed (2nd PHASE) after the removal of […]

Gerber project – Switzerland

Gerber project – Switzerland A successful installation of a water treatment plant in Switzerland led to the installation of a hydrocyclone to replace a bucket wheel. SANDTEC: MODEL SH-025-120S FEED WASTE WATER 70 m3/h SOLIDS 35 tph 30% circa (21m3/h), of which sand (63 micron/4 mm) 20tph stone >4mm = 10tph fines <63 micron = […]