Matec has developed a wide knowledge of the aggregates sector, as our machines for water treatment were born to work with aggregates, materials which are not easy to handle.

This is why we created a range of machines for the washing of aggregates. Brining customers the opportunity to manage the whole process with a single supply point, guaranteeing the best output both from the washing system and the water treatment plants.


We have further evolved our systems and processes to meet the special requirements of the industrial sand production sector.

The growing demand for silica sands in varous sectors and the increased requirement for very tight gradation capablity alongside maximum removal of contaminants underline the need for a project based approach to supply


Recycling, C&D recycling especially, is a fast-pace growing sector. The concern for re-using materials to respect the environment and comply with laws has led to a development of technologies, systems and plants to which Matec bring significant experience. In addition, the recovery of resources has always been one of the key objective of our business since we started as Matec back in 2003.

Recycling processes raise their own challenges; dealing with highly variable feed materials; the multiple potential contaminants to address; the urban location of many operators.

Matec rises to these challenges with innovative processes and the all-important ability to fully integrate the washing and water management systems from us as your single supply partner.


Matec is already a leader in the water management system with over 3000 installations which help customer save and recover water all across the world. Through our filterpresses and our thickeners, you will be able to reuse up to 95% of the water. Cutting down costs is essential for a washing system and our equipment will deliver it, maximizing the return of your plant.